2020 Carnival

Date: Saturday, 14 March 2020, tbc

Time: tbc

Drinks, ice blocks and lollies available for purchase at the canteen.

More information to come.

Carnival Rules

Scoring: -  

  • One parent from each team will share the scoring of a game.


  • Only the number of goals scored are recorded on the sheet.


  • Score sheets will be on a clipboard in the centre of the court and the clipboard and remaining sheets MUST be left back in the centre of the court at the end of that game.

  • The game score sheet is taken to control directly after that game by the parent from the winning team.



  • Games will be 2 x 8 min halves (teams swap ends), with a 2 min half time break.


  • A Siren will signal the start, half time and finish of each round.  There is a 5 min gap between rounds.


  • There are No Time Stoppages for injuries etc If a player is injured they are to be taken from the court within 30 seconds and the game continues. A substitute can then take the place of the injured player.  Positional swaps are permitted at that time if reqd.


  • Points:  2 points for a win, 0 points for a loss, 1 point for a draw.


  • In the event of Tie at the end of the carnival, a countback will occur and the team that scored the most goals throughout the carnival will be the winner.


  • Medals will be awarded to the Winners and Runners-Up in each Division.


  • Prizes will also be awarded for Best Dressed Team, Club Spirit Award & Umpires Award.