ACE Committee Roles

November 2018

The club has appointed a new management committee:

President - Nicola Humphrey

Vice President - Keely Paul

Secretary - Belinda Freiberg

Treasurer - Jos Rohl

Club Operations Manager- On Court - Sharon Lawrey

Club Operations Manager- Off Court - Vacant

The Club is now seeking to appoint the volunteer roles as described below. Please submit your expression of interest if you would like to help in any of these positions by contacting the secretary


Umpiring Convenor (PRNA)


This role requires a lot of organisation to establish a squad of umpires (who may be experienced or in a learning capacity) to fulfil the club's weekly umpiring commitment at the PRNA. The umpiring convenor may organise umpiring workshops or provide the club with information on other workshops that may benefit the clubs players.

Current holders: 

Email :


Events Coordinator


This person is responsible for organising any social fundraising events, the photographer for team or individual photographs and co-ordinate the end of season break-up.  

Current holder: Vacant

Email :


Coaching Convenors


The convenors will be one person for each year level (non-committee members for competitive age groups) and will report to the Executive Committee throughout the season. Their position is to liaise with the coaches of their year level and report any issues to the executive committee.  They provide coaches with any relevant information and assist where possible.  More information on this role can be round in the Role Description which is here

Modified Coaching Convenor

Current holders:  Trina Treloar

Modified (8s, 9s, 10s) 

Junior Coaching Convenor 

Current holder:   Trina Treloar


11 years, 12 years, 13 years and 14 years

Senior Coaching Convenor 

Current holder: Steve Stanton

Inters and Opens