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This page is dedicated to information related to Coaching Information at ACE Netball Club.

If you have any questions or queries, please email our Operations On Court Manager, Sharon Lawrey.

Your Coaching Convenors for 2020 are:

Modified: Alison Zada, e:

Junior: Stephen Stanton, e:

Senior: Tennille Nevill, e:

Coaching Dates at ACE Netball Club for 2020


ACE Coach the Coach Clinic with Patti Farrell

A big thanks to Tennille Nevill for making these videos of the latest Coach the Coach clinic available

ACE Club Coaching Policy

Please find the ACE Coaching Policy here

ACE Coach's Code of Behaviour

This year, ACE asks that every coach sign the ACE code of conduct.  If you have not done so already, could you please sign the attached form and either scan and email it to or give it to Trina or Steve.

Code of Behaviour is here

Something to think about...

Author Jocelyn Murray captured the tendency of isolated problems to distract us from widespread progress when she wrote: 

‘When a tree falls it resounds with a thundering crash; and yet a whole forest grows in silence’.

Netball Queensland Coaching Courses

For information on accredited coaching courses please click on this link.

ACE Resource Library

Netball Top Performance Techniques

Pamela Barham and Christine Maylor


1 book

Stretch and Reach

Pamela Barham and Noela Wilson


2 books

Fit and Skilful - Netball training programmes for players 17 and over

Pamela Barham and Christine Maylor


1 book 2 copies

Netball at a glance

Pamela Barham and Christine Maylor

1 book

Netball Fundamentals

Toy Martin


1 book

Netta Netball

Victorian Netball Association


1 book 2 copy

Coaching Drills - Phase one

McDonalds Netball QLD

1 bound copy 1 copies

Better Coaching - Advanced coach's Manual

Edited by Frank S Pyke


1 book



Joyce Brown and John Harris


Netskills - Coaching Manual 1 - Your guide to coaching Juniors

Gillian Lee


5 book

Netskills - Coaching Manual 2 - Your complete training guide for a season

revised 2001

Gillian Lee

5 Books

Netskills - Coaching Manual 3 - Netball Training Games

Lisa Alexander and Gillian Lee


5 books

Netball Australia - High Performance Defence notes

Edited by Anita Keelan


3 books

Netball Australia - High Performance - Goal Shooting notes

Edited by Anita Keelan


3 books

Netball Australia - High Performance - Centre Court notes

Edited by Anita Keelan


2 books

Brisbane Netball Assoc. Inc.

Basic Coaching Course

2 book

Umpires in control

Shirley Winton and Wendy White


1 book

The Netball Coaching Guide - 64 Practices for coaching netball



1 copy

Netball Australia Coaches Manual - Foundation

4 books - 7 DVD's

The Netball Handbook

Jane Woodlands


1 book

Netball - Steps to Success Second Edition

Wilma Shakespear and Margaret Caldow


1 book


Team Monash Netskills - Ball Handling

Gillian Lee


Team Monash Netskills - Training Games

Gillian Lee


Team Monash Netskills - Defending Skills

Gillian Lee


Team Monash Netskills - Attacking Skills

Gillian Lee

What is the role of a Netball Coach?

Here at ACE, most of our coaches are valuable volunteers.  As a coach you have certain duties and responsibilities both on and off the court. It is her/his job to prepare players for games through well-executed practices and game plans. The work ethic and discipline a coach instills in her/his players can last them throughout life and prepare them to handle success as well as failure.




Coaches prepare players for competition by conducting regular practice sessions and through conditioning efforts.  Equipment is available to work the players strength and endurance. Training also involves coaching the team to perform the sport or task properly. Coaches should train players to execute plays and work together as a team. Netball coaches must design plays and teach them to the players through practice and repetition.


A Guideline to training:


  • Arrive 10 minutes before to get organised
  • Start with a fun game until all players arrive
  • Use whistle – sparingly – short sharp bursts
  • Stop bad behaviour before it starts, always be consistent with discipline, never make idle threats always carry through with it
  • Use plenty of positive reinforcement
  • Split up distracted or menacing children
  • Keep the drills short, especially with Nettas
  • Use a favourite drill of theirs to get them more focused
  • Do not repeat the same drills week after week – there must be some progression
  • Use different drills to practice the same skill
  • Keep the groups small so there is lots of ball handling
  • Use as many parents as possible to assist
  • Finish with a fun minor game so the last thing they remember about netball is fun
  • Remind team of time to arrive of weekend game and check that all players will be present
  • Remind players to trim nails and remove jewellery/watches for training AND games
  • Have children gather up equipment – balls and markers
  • Pull team together for a concluding chat – discuss things learnt at training and time and place of next game
  • For coaching drills and tips please go to the links shown on the ACE website




Coaches also serve as mentors. Their competitive nature and their leadership skills make them natural mentors to athletes. Leading by example, coaches teach players valuable lessons about life through competition. Coaches have a responsibility to their players to show them how to compete fairly and to the best of their abilities.


Young athletes look up to coaches, who may wear several different hats in their interactions with the players. Coaches tend to have certain personality characteristics and traits to which players are naturally drawn. Coaches must be mindful, therefore, of their responsibilities and their influences on players.


Best and Fairest:


The top three players for each match are awarded either 3 points for first, 2 points for second, and 1 point for third. (All other players that day receive 0 points). The manager is responsible for collecting the voting each week. It is recommended that the parents each take a turn in deciding who is awarded the points, and then reporting these votes to the committee via the website.

Ideally within a few days of the match taking place before the weekend is over and the memory starts fading!


At the end of each season, the player who has performed the best and given their all for the team will be awarded the Best and Fairest trophy at the annual awards. The winning player is decided on a points system allocated at the end of each game and is at the discretion of the Coach.


Coaches Award:


This is awarded at the sole discretion of the Team coach. He/she will use the following guidelines to make a judgement as to who is the most deserving:


•    A player that regularly attends training and weekly games

•    Courteous to fellow team mates and officials

•    Mindful of others players’ needs

•    A player that shows keen interest in advancing their Netball skills

•    A player that shows commitment and genuine interest in the game

•    Shows good sportsmanship by accepting umpires decisions at weekly games and coaches decision in position placements each week


This is to encourage each player that their contribution to their team is not based solely on their match-day performance, but their overall conduct as a member of the team, and their level of commitment each week.


When the points and the coaches nominee have been decided, they need to be allocated on the respective BNA or PRNA form which is available from the website.


For the purposes of collecting votes each week, you may wish to use the voting form prepared

here which can be used for both associations.

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