What is the role of a Netball Manager

Well the main role is really to support the team coach. Each Coach has to dedicate a large amount of their personal time each week for training, match preparation, and of course, giving the girls every support during each match. As such, there is not a lot of time left to spend on the other less glamorous areas of running a netball team.


This is where the manager steps in. The role will simply be to take away some of the administration and time consuming areas such as communication that may be required. The manager role is not demanding, but a good manager will leave the coach with more time to actually 'coach' and therefore a better team should result.


Areas where Managers can assist are:


  • Coordinating training times and attendance
  • Collecting bibs after each game
  • Rostering each member to bring a treat for after the match (if so desired)
  • Keeping players and parents informed of match times and court venue
  • Alerting players to cancelled training/matches because of weather
  • Co-ordinating money collection for extra events such as club carnivals
  • Submitting 'Best and Fairest' votes
  • Rostering parent scorers and if required time keepers

Best and Fairest:


The top three players for each match are awarded either 3 points for first, 2 points for second, and 1 point for third. (All other players that day receive 0 points). The manager is responsible for collecting the voting each week. It is recommended that the parents each take a turn in deciding who is awarded the points, and then reporting these votes to either the Manager or Coach so they can enter this information on the website.

Ideally within a few days of the match taking place before the weekend is over and the memory starts fading!

At the end of each season, the player who has performed the best and given their all for the team will be awarded the Best and Fairest trophy at the annual awards. The winning player is decided on a points system allocated at the end of each game and is at the discretion of the Coach.

Remember that the managers role is vital in the running of a good team. Your contribution is really appreciated and the club and teams thank you for volunteering your time to help in this area.

To help you, there are forms you can download to prepare your rosters for the pending season. .

Weekly Roster

Voting Slips

Any questions or concerns about your role please feed them back to the committee via this email address and we will be happy to help.


ACE Committee

How to Enter Best and Fairest Votes

Once the Coach or Manager has the votes for Best and Fairest they can be entered into the ACE Website via the following Process.

Log onto the ACE Website

You can login by clicking on Login at the far Right hand side of the Banner at the top of the website
Enter you email address and password. (If you have forgotten your password you can select "Reset your password" to have it reset

Select My Details - far Right hand side of the Banner at the top of the website
Select the Team that you are entering the Information for
You will see the contact information for the team.
Scroll down to the bottom and you will see Match Reports
Select +Add Match Report
Enter the Date of the Match
Inter the Opposition Team Name and the score for the Match
Select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Player of the Match.
You can also enter a report on the match it you want.
Select Done

NOTE only the Coach and Manager can see the 3 2 1 points.  The rest of the team can only see the date, score and any information you entered into the Match Report section.

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